About Bosquet

Bosquet [Bow-skay] offers a curated selection of fashion brands sourced from around the globe minding the elements of ethicality, sustainability, style sensibility, inclusion, and artistry. Bosquet is keen to introduce a new rhythm to wardrobe styling that is practical, sustainable, and entertaining. Our showroom is as much a retailer as it is a place for gathering, a hub for discovery. Our staff are involved with our clients’ needs and offer a tailored experience for each individual. In this new and exciting era of connection, we hope to provide an intimate and evolved shopping experience.

Shopping at Bosquet

Bosquet is an intimate, female owned and operated business. We carry options for the office, holiday gatherings, the busy life of a caregiver and beyond. We recognize that who we are is not often bound to one thing. We strive to offer clothes that suit the person that exists as multitudes. We hope to help you develop and/or sustain your personal style that tells your unique story.

A letter from our owner and creative director

I’m often asked the meaning behind Bosquet. Bosquet roughly translates to a grove of trees. Having grown up under its cool canopy of the piney woods as a child, I am eternally connected to the forest.  

As trees become a forest, they develop a community. On their own, a tree is at the mercy of the elements. However, together trees create an ecosystem thus generating a great deal of protection. To get to this point, the community must remain intact no matter what. If every tree were looking out only for itself, every tree would suffer. 

Thus, the message of Bosquet’s opening season is founded on the concept of “new growth” with elements surrounding the networks of nature and the nurturing of our communities. It is my wish that Bosquet nourishes this tree-like degree of connection and symbiotic resourcefulness with the ethos: Community, Collaboration and Curation.